A few happy things

Happiness isn't found in things, and I wouldn't say I'm a happy person because of things. I know it's something deeper in our souls, however, there are things in my house that made me quite happy today. I took down my Christmas tree yesterday, which felt quite sad. However, to fill the void, I began looking through my house with new eyes, moving tables and pictures and books and anything else that struck my fancy. My front room has a new feel to it, and it makes me feel almost as good as a splurge at Super-Target. 
Family Heirlooms: These are my great grandmothers utensils that she used for making butter. The box was used for shaping the butter, the paddles was for stirring, the tennis-racquet looking one made an indent on the top, the whisk for whisking, and I'm not sure about the swirly guy. But I think the paddle was hand carved. Any suggestions on how to display would be fabulous. Right now they've found a cozy home in a pitcher on the Hoosier Cabinet in the kitchen. 

Down East Homes has a new shipment of Williams Sonoma tablecloths. This beauty matches our kitchen perfectly. I have a few other tablecloths from there (found on super-clearance); not only are their patterns gorgeous, but from what I understand, their quality of fabric and hems make them top-notch. So I guess I did splurge on this one.

Newly repurposed side table, coupled with our sweet yellow chair makes for a welcome little sitting area in the kitchen. The flowers make me quite happy. 

This sweet glass bird is from Norway, a gift from my mother in law. It is welcoming in the much needed sunshine into the kitchen instead of simple adorning the Christmas tree! Kaneisha said it, and I think I agree, I would mind a collection of blown glass collectibles to hang in front of my window. We'll see if that materializes. 

This photo of my love and I. He would've been 18 and I was 16, maybe 15. He wasn't in love with me at this point...

We finally moved the photos from leaning against the wall, to being hung on the wall. Makes the dresser much less cluttered. Repurposed little box now holds keys and such, instead of towels in the guest room.

Books that were in my great great aunts trunk, have been newly stacked and hopefully will add to the character in our front room. The vintage postcards are from Utah, both with writing on the front dating to the early 1900's. 

The before-mentioned trunk is staying put by the door, even though the Christmas tree has been taken down. The framed poloraid is on Asher's new album, and was taken by our friend JJ on his LDS mission to the Ukraine. That was his Christmas present to us and we can't wait to put it up. The Hunter boots were Asher's gift to me for Christmas. They have already been worn a fair amount of time, when I feel the need to traipse through the snow, or stomp through puddles. This is surprisingly happening more often now that I have the boots. I imagine that is what the Queen does them as well, as they carry her Royal seal...

So that's all. Now you all know, and hopefully when you come visit, will feel like you've already been here!


Kimberly | January 24, 2010 at 7:39 PM

all this stuff is delightful! When can I come see the rest of your adorable house?

Rebecca | January 24, 2010 at 9:17 PM

I was with Sharon (in Bergen) when she picked out the wee hand-blown glass bird for you. I inspired her with mine, a lovely blue and brown beauty. I couldn't find a good spot for it so it's, unfortunately, gathering dust in my closet! Seeing how beautiful yours looks in your sparkling kitchen makes me want to run and find a place for mine to hang, as well. We're headed back to Norway in March so I'll keep my eyes open for a possible addition to your glass collection.

We're in Boulder sending love to you and Ash...

Erik | January 25, 2010 at 9:14 PM

Love it. Love the homely feel to your home. Love the history and newness of the new and old. i love that picture of you an Asher! he looks liek paul with his hair! I've never seen him with hair. :) ---kim, obviously not erik. :)

genae | January 28, 2010 at 10:29 PM

i love all of these things! i wish i could see them in your sweet home. and i am definitely jealous of the trunk and books. :)

SLCFoodie | February 15, 2010 at 10:11 PM

adorable. it all looks like it is straight from a magazine.