28 Days Later...

Had I posted something in February, I would posted something about my incredible cruise with Carol to the Caribbean. It was a Cricut Cruise. I hope all of you crafters are gasping with delight. And yes, I did dress up in the Cricut costume. I won this cruise in a contest at my work (ProvoCraft) for an idea that I proposed and implement: monthly creative session. So far we've had watercolor classes, drawing classes, a card making class, and photography classes. It's been really fun. And a cruise with one of my closest friends was a beautiful sunny spot in an otherwise gray and busy February.

Had I posted in February, I also would've mentioned how much I love the Olympics. It's an excuse to be totally caught up in reality TV, and crying, even over ice skating is considered perfectly appropriate. No joke - I walked in last week to 8 men in my living room watching women's figure skating. And they were TOTALLY into it.

Had I posted in February I would've said that I was especially excited to have fun friends visit from Boulder. I'm not as brave as they are and remained tattooless after their trip, but they sure are fun!

Had I posted in February I would've said that I LOVE my lil book club, made up of several wonderful ladies who make me laugh. And I kind of have girl-crushes on most of them. You should see how they dress. You would too. 

Had I posted in February I might've said that I feel like a grown-up, navigating the waters of job changes, offers and 5 year plans. Funny how on the brink of 25, I felt like I would feel older. Nope.

But now, it's March. So I'll make up for lost time. Spring is coming. My bulbs are coming up. The dirt smells sweet. Sunshine is no longer a memory but is still out when I get out of work. Looking forward to this month. Watch out for a blog post with Becky over at VintageMixer about our trip to the Beehive Cheese Factory this weekend.