As much as we knew that  Grandpa's death was inevitable, and at times welcomed, it still was a surprise when I received the text message from my brother that his time had come late on Monday night. As all of the grandkids sat in his bedroom that night, reminicing, laughing, crying and staring, it was strangely sweet. Not at all what I expected the moment to be like. I'll remember my mom kissing his cheek, Grandma weeping, his red suspenders that he didn't want to take off before bed,  sweet little 4 year old Paedyn burying herself in his chair, announcing that she "wants great-grandpa!". Sadly these times bring family together, but I am thankful that we'll all be together, all 8 cousins, kiddos, spouses and friends from Wyoming.

My mom had a stillborn a year before I was born. As I was driving home that night, I wondered, is Grandpa telling stories to Jess? Are they singing songs and dancing like he did with us here? What a reunion, so different from when my grandpa held Jess' small body in his arms in the hospital room. How joyous and hopeful, that our lives don't end here, that because of the grace and love of Jesus, we have a true home, a big family and an abiding peace to look forward to.

Ivan Odin Iverson passed away at his home on Jan. 11, 2010. After several years of braving a variety of health problems, he now is free from pain.

Born in Ashton, Idaho on Nov. 6, 1929, he was the youngest son of Olaf Iverson and Marie Falmar. In 1948 Ivan joined the U.S. Army, serving for three years in Germany.After he returned home, he married Marjorie DeGraw in Jackson Hole in 1954, and they had 3 children. He worked in the oil fields in and around Sublette County, working for over 22 years for El Paso Natural Gas (Williams).He and his wife owned the Karavan Market, the Hillcrest Trailer Court and the Country Cottage in Marbleton. They followed their children to the Salt Lake Valley in 1992.

Ivan enjoyed spending time outdoors with his family, hunting, fishing and camping in the mountains around Big Piney, especially Fish Creek.He also was known for his woodworking and carving skills: he loved spending time in his shop making birdhouses, dollhouses, furniture and figurines. He loved playing drums alongside his wife in their band at local dances.

Survived by his loving wife, Marjorie, he will be dearly missed by his children Becky (Mike), Dale (Margie) and Jill (Chris). He is loved and remembered by many grandchildren and rambunctious great-grandchildren who will miss cuddling with him in his armchair, his whisker kisses and his rendition of the song "Hallelujah I'm a Bum" and a favorite Norweigan song, "Til Seters."
He was preceded in death by his parents Marie and Olaf, his brother Melvin, his sister Helen, grandson Jess and close friend Bob Sims.
Services for "Ivinski Skyvinski Skavar," as he was lovingly known, will be held at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 16 at the Centenary United Methodist Church, located on 1740 South 500 East in Sugarhouse.


Liz Lewis | January 17, 2010 at 3:42 PM

This brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing your life so beautifully and honestly. I'm sending my love and hugs your way.

Erik | January 25, 2010 at 9:17 PM

Oh Hay, I am sorry to hear it. I've heard that beautiful things happen on ugly (maybe stormy is the right word) days. I am happy he's pain free, I am sorry you all had to let him go. Sending my love. Kim