Weekend of Sick = Reminder of Rest

Sorry for all of the "A year ago today..." posts, but I'm in awe of what we were doing last year at this time. We painted an entire house in 3 days. We built cabinets! (Well I just held up screws for Asher...). We tore down trees! We installed tile! We remodeled this cute little house in about 4 weeks. And to think that now that we've moved in, there's been a sharp decrease on most projects. Now we'd rather live in the house than work on it I suppose. And that's okay, and I keep reminding myself that.

I'm hoping to spend the afternoon planting some bulbs in the front yard, but I'm not totally sure how to plan on bulbs, when I'm going to end up planting perinnals on top of them next spring. Any suggestions? (Becca? Lisa?)

So I have a nice list of things I think I should do. I'm thinking about painting some trim outside. I'm thinking about painting the bathroom in anticipation for Mr. and Mrs. Bundy on Tuesday. (Don't hold your breath...) But most importantly I'm going to make a delicious breakfast, courtesy of Kate. A little zucchini, a little potato, a little cheese and onion, with a few cracked eggs on top. If it turns out how I'm envisioning, I'll post the recipe.

Anyway, I'm hoping that this weekend of sick will have a good Sabbath ending. I'm reminding myself here, in the company of you good people, that weekends are not always meant for working, and free days don't need to be full of projects. Rest and reading, meditating and sleeping are also important parts of a well balanced life. Asher having the flu is  a good reminder that couch time is good and lists can make a woman go mad.

Kitchen, October 08

Kitchen - Jan 09. We now have a grown-up size table, and a hoosier cabinet, but the dishes, garbage, and laundry are not cooperating for the picture.


Kimmie | November 1, 2009 at 9:14 PM

I don't think I know anyone else quite like you. Giving and giving of your time. It does take a toll on ya huh? Anywho, you should have a "house party" Invite people over to come work on your house and then you can feed them afterwards. Win win win. Please plan it in December or Jan when we are in town. I would like to hold ownership for something in your home. You know, just leave a little piece of me. :)

Drew+Elise | November 3, 2009 at 12:38 PM

we miss you two :( how was your halloween? i hope you guys are feeling better..especially for this Thursday!!!!!! Anything I can do???