Confessions of an absent minded lady...

"If I have to come down there..."

That was my mother's warning words to my brother and I growing up. Typically when we were buried in the tupperware, looking for a missing lid; in the pantry, trying to locate the can of diced tomatoes that she knew was in there; or even finding a lost shoe that most definitely was buried in my piles of laundry. She always knew she could find whatever it was that our eyes couldn't see.

I needed her this week.

I misplaced my wallet on Saturday. It's not a true woman-wallet. It's a pink business card holder that I keep my license and debit card in. After a quick trip to Robert's Arts & Craft, it was not to be found. (Which means, Trace & Becca, that I pulled a 'potanga' on my dinner date that night, as I didn't know I didn't have my wallet with me). My efforts of stalking the customer service phone at Roberts, cleaning out my [Narnia] closet, emptying every pocket in my jeans, and multiple car clean-outs. (Which clearly means that I was doing a half-a&& job of cleaning out the car the times before, but then is yet another flaw). Anyway, I just needed my mom's "If I have to go down there..." knowing that she would find it. Yesterday was my deadline. If it hadn't shown up, I was going to pull out the old marriage license and get a new license, as well as cancel the card. However, miracle of all miracles, Asher called me yesterday and guess what he found sitting on top of our tv? That's right. Little pink wallet.

I'm sure that my mind was just too busy to see it, on the tv that I walk by multiple times a day.
I'm not going to let that speak to my attention to detail, my follow-through, or my stress level.
Instead, I'm just happy that I found it.


Erik and Kim | May 1, 2009 at 6:19 PM

Oh the sress!! I felt my stress level rising just reading along. Oh the relief!! of finding it. sigh.