These are a few of the things that have
 made my happy as of late. Can you tell I'm on a gardening/backyard/smell good kick? Unfortunately, the apricot blossoms, the cilantro seedling, and the daffodils have died. Tomato seedlings are alive, thankfully, as are the pretty yellow tulips. Unfortunately, the line my drive way so no one can see them except for us. 

Unfortunately, for me, with enjoyment has come a realization of a lack of knowledge, goods and time. Hopefully this week I'll get the rest of my onions planted for the Onion Off of 2009 (more to come - be very excited) as well as my salad and carrots. Hopefully we'll get the sod laid before the Kofahls visit us in May. 

Add that to my long list of things to do, and I've decided I'm in serious need of a work day with all my friends. Who's in?! May 8th? : )
(also we have a serious leak in our guest room. hopefully the ceiling doesn't collapse. or have mold).