Colorado Homesick

Asher is in Boulder this week, writing songs and melodies with our dear friend Dave Wilton. Dave produced Asher's last album, and beyond being an incredible musician with an ear for the Seafinch Sound, he is a treasure of a friend. Over the last few years, he and his wife Ally have become some of our closest friends. Close in the comfortable way that conversation might be infrequent, but when we do talk over the phone or spend time together on a long weekend, our hearts overflow and we know that we are knit together in the most beautiful of ways.

Our friendship began in quaint Louisville Colorado in their homey condo on Main Street. We got to know each other over late nights of Settlers of Catan, strolls through the Louisville Farmers Markets and Dave's famous White Russians. Ally and I would hike in the foothills of Boulder, and we'd wonder together about how to love our husbands better, what it means to love Jesus, and what it takes to be a good friend. Looking back, I feel like my times with Ally taught me the beauty of womanhood and friendship. Knowing that Asher sitting at their kitchen table playing cards with them makes me a bit homesick for my friends. You feel like home, dear friends.

Asher wrote his first song into the wee hours of the morning upon his arrival on Friday. I asked if he had met Gideon, their adorable newborn, and he said he was introduced during his 4am feeding. :) Here's a photo of Gid and Ash during the recording session.

I had a dream this week that I was on a train into Boulder with friends (Erin Klassen - why you were selling jewelry on this train, I don't know!?) The scenery changed from the familiar landscape of majestic mountains and green valleys to miles and miles of treasure fields. Gold coins, semi-precious stones and treasure boxes filled the valleys until it was shining brilliantly. I think about the parable of the treasure in the field, and that the kingdom of God is like giving your life up for that treasure. We have found lifelong treasure in our friendships that began in Boulder. And we've really just started to unearth some of their luster and gleam.

Can't wait for this weekend on Canon Street with Ally and three sweet Wilton babies, and for next month's celebration of Miss Lily Pettigrew and her amazing mother.