Jet plane to Africa

Well friends, I am going to making a little jaunt over to Africa in a little over a month! It's a work trip, partially learning and exploring, and partially meeting our employees and seeing all that we do together to accomplish sustainable enterprise in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Check us out at I'll be gone 10 days to the heart of Africa, in Kinshasa. I seriously need to read up on the history of the country. Thinking about conquering White Man's Burden, or, if that doesn't go over well, at least the Poisonwood Bible. :)

I'm pretty stoked that my dad is going with me. It will be our first father-daughter trip, just us. He and Matty went to Europe together about 2 years ago, so it will be fun to do something similar. He's been wanting to go to Africa to use his master skills to build/paint/work/dig/plant/repair. I'll probably be doing the same (eek!) as well as doing some blogging for our website, writing a mini-travel guide for our guests, and generally being helpful. I'm excited for how this will affect my role in the organization and projects that I can work on when I get back, and how it will change the effect of my every-day jobs. I'm wondering how to prepare for the trip, besides the obvious vaccinations, purchases, and malaria medicaiton. It's an odd combination of work responsibilites + casting vision + humanitarian heart + family time (with employee's families, my dad and my boss' family!)

For those of you worried, I'll tell you what I told my mom. The conflict in Congo is on the eastern side of the country, and we'll be entirely on the western side nearby Kinshasa. The two sides of the country are practically impassible. Plus my dad will be with me. So I'm not scared at all.

Here's where I'm going.

So although I really wanted to tell you all about this trip, I also needed to bring up a slight concern I have. How will Asher survive 2 weeks without me?! So I need you all to take care of Asher while I'm gone. Suggestions include, camping, dinner, going to shows, making him go on tour with you,  having sleepovers, and general hang-out. I'll organize a sign-up. :)


Kimmie | July 7, 2010 at 5:06 PM

seriously girl, you have a neat job. what a neat thing to do with your dad. I am sure that will be hard for asher! take care and good luck. Don't get malyria! :)

becca | July 7, 2010 at 7:17 PM

This is so exciting Halen!! What great bonding time with your dad :) And I'm very sure Asher will be very well taken care of while you are away. Posionwood Bible was an excellent read, though I haven't read the other. You my dear, have an excellent job!

Rebecca | July 8, 2010 at 9:34 AM

What a cool trip! Have a wonderful time, Halen!

Had to chuckle about your Asher comment. Sounds just like Corky when Sharon is gone. Love it!

I know you will be well-taken care of, I wouldn't give it one moment of worry. We've been in the craziest of places over the years and have experienced nothing save the perfect bubble of peace and protection of the Lord.