And onto April

Since March is officially over in two and a half hours, I am looking forward to April already. I am looking forward to a mini-retreat with ProvoCraft ladies to a surprise location. It is so nice that they are still including me even though I officially don't work with them anymore, a weekend visit from these wonderful people, this lovely lady in town over Easter, and the ever-wonderful birthday month!

Birthday month is especially wonderful, not just for the attention and presents, but because Asher finishes everything on my honey-do list around the house. It's the one month the he has to. I don't know how this happened but it started last year, and I definitely plan on reinstating it every year. It is wonderful. The list this year, which is still a surprise to him unless he's reading this (if so, hi ash!) is as follows:

-installing new faucet for the guest bathroom (apologies to all of our friends that still have to look at the purple paint on there from previous remodels)
-finishing the bar stool framing and buying bar stools (again apologies to all of our friends who stare at unfinished wood every Tuesday night)
-scheduling a tree removal (hooray - no more dead tree!)
- touch up painting. I'm leaving this general because it may or may not include a long list of other painting items.

Really, that is just one project per week. I think it's totally doable. Don't you Ash? :)

My job before the Thornton's come is to repaint the guest bathroom and pick up storage and hardware for it. If anyone wants to spend an evening painting with me, let me know! (There's probably just room for 2 people in the bathroom though... it can't be a big party). We'll see what happens. Any incredible weekend bathroom remodel ideas on a budget?


Bean | May 21, 2010 at 12:38 PM

Halen! HI!! :)
I feel so old reading about your life.....I used to babysit you!! So crazy!