Vancouver Love

Since meeting Will and Erin, I've had great love for Canada and it's people. (Furthered even more by the Karla and Gary). Ask me to sing the national anthem, because I will. I have so much love for Canadians. We had the opportunity this weekend to travel to Vancouver to demonstrate the ProvoCraft YUDU screenprinting system at a indie craft show. Outside of missing our original flight, the trip was fantastic and we are hoping we can visit Vancouver again in the warmer months.

Good Eats: We had coffee at Caffe Artegiano. Apparently its baristas have been winning the latte art competitions for years. Although the espresso was very strong, it was a great atmosphere and wonderful kick start for the day. We joined our Vancouver friends for Honey Donuts in Deep Cove, which was a quaint and untouched town nestled in a mountain cove. The mountains towered, the evergreens forested, and the ocean sparkled. It felt magical.  I've not had very many cake donuts before, but Honey's maple donut was sweet and sugary, as were the 3 sweet girls we got to share our table with. We also  dined at an all you can eat sushi/koren bbq at a restaurant called Shabusen. As a newbie sushi eater, I can't comment too much on the sushi itself, but my all-time favorite roll, tempura yam, was readily available and was DELICIOUS. I think I ate all 9 pieces that I ordered, which is quite the feat for me. We had delicious Thai food as well, but I forgot the name of the restaurant. Bad foodie.

Good Crafts: The reason we went to Vancouver was to participate in the Got Craft? indie craft fair. YUDU was a sponsor and it was a great show. Our local Beehive Bazaarians would have loved it. The artists and guests seemed to really be interested in our screenprinter and loved the bags that we were screenprinting for them. I took a picture with my phone in a quick moment of 'take a breath, the line is only three deep, keep blow drying, wait the fuse is blown, have I really not eaten all day?' It was packed all day long, but I bought some crafted goodness that I'll share with you later.

 It was fun being there before the Olympics arrive in February. It brought back fun memories of 2002 here. Probably because Asher held my hands at the Olympics, and we went on a doubledate with my parents at the Olympics, and Asher pretended to like ice skating for me during the Olympics...

Here's a few more pictures of Vancouver
(Downtown View)
(Asher and Halen at Granville Island, a glorious mess of artists, eateries, specialty foods, gifts, crafts, and gingerbreadmen on stilts)
(Glass buildings that are typical of the highrises of Vancouver)
(Grapes from Granville)


Compston | December 7, 2009 at 9:16 PM

I wish I was as cool as you guys.

Compston | December 7, 2009 at 9:16 PM
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Erin K | December 7, 2009 at 10:18 PM

I'm pretty sure Canada loves you just as much or even more than you love it.

Just saying.

lotus events inc. | December 8, 2009 at 7:02 PM

Thank you so much for coming out to the event! Rob and I hope that you enjoyed Vancouver!