England Love

So Cody made his long awaited return home to us. He's been living in England for the last 6 months, working for an organization doing wonderful things around the world. He was missed dearly.
His homecoming was even more sweet because he brought me back my favorite things from England. I might've cried when I opened the bag and saw all of the thoughtful gifts he brought back for me.

  - dressing from Pizza Express. This was one of my favorite restaurant chains; I spent many an afternoon reading and writing in this lovely restaurant. They have a pizza with a fried egg on it that was surprisingly edible.

 - PG Tips. The best black tea, and I think I'm correct to say that it is widely enjoyed the Brits.

 - HobNobs. Always appropriate with a cuppa. Biscuits, digestives, chocolate, caramel, orange... it's all delicious.

- coffee from Kenya. Cody went on location to Kenya and brought back coffee. I'm excited to try it!


Drew+Elise | December 22, 2009 at 11:43 PM

Well missy. I got your comment and I'm trying to think when!! I was going to call you this morning and see if we could get a last minute christmas dessert party tonight with a few of us, but Drew & I remembered how badly we needed to do last minute shopping for his family.... SO that being said... I'm not sure. Drew records tomorrow morning until afternoon, and I pick him up & we go to Sandy to spend the night I think until the 27th. Then I fly to seattle & he meets me on the 30th... so maybe we can runaway from sandy for a night? maybe the 26th?