tea and sympathy, or time alone in my kitchen

I'm choosing to sit. I'm not very good at it.
I'm very tempted to mop my floors instead. Seriously, it's been over a month. Maybe more. That's gross.
I'm considering the laundry that is staring back at me from the end of the table. It can wait.
I'm looking at dishes in the sink, mail on the
table, and bills that need filed.
I'm thinking about dinner that should be made, groceries that should be bought (Seriously, roasts are $1.39 or something ridiculous like that at Smiths), and paint that need touched up.

However, I'm choosing to take time to sit and rest, to be, to look at the beautiful fall colors that are gloriously fading in my backyard instead. A cup of tea, (made with Zabars Assam Indian tea, a sensory overload of a grocery store in NYC), and a book. I'm enjoying the sunshine before it fades into the impending winter day tomorrow...