Americana: 4th of July in Big Piney

Big Piney Wyoming is a small town full of cowboys, drive-ins, family gatherings, and small town goodness. I love visiting, although it's been several years since I've been back. We traveled the 3.5 hours to Big Piney this weekend with our friends Tim and Hope Glenn. It was our first road trip with our new Passat Wagon, and she performed beautifully. My grandma turned 80 this year and was honored in the parade as the Grand Marshall. She was the cutest thing in that 1928 fire engine waving her red bandana and smiling to the crowd. It was fun seeing family, although I think in the back of all of our minds, we were remembering the events of last summer, and wishing Garrett was still around to be with us. It just wasn't the same. 

On Sunday morning, we took a morning to go horse back riding thanks to Jeff and Birda. Some of us did better than others. Some of us might've screamed more than others. But all of us, I think, enjoyed ourselves. Community horse anyone? The Wyoming cowgirl in me was felt right at home on a horse, in the country, with the expanse of the great big blue sky surrounding us. It was wonderful seeing family, getting drinks at the Waterhole, watching my parents see the people of their past, and showing off my husband to the few people that I know. Even if they thought us Utah people were pansies because we put on jackets at night. Grumpy old cowboy. 

We ended the weekend with a small detour to Jackson Hole (made an hour longer by our stop at the drive-in. I mean, you have to stop at the drive in while driving through. But really, 45 minutes for 2 sundaes? It was a struggle to keep a happy heart.) The Tetons were majestic and beautiful, the hills were green and covered with wild flowers. Those are all mind-photos, but you can see how happy Asher and I were to be visiting my birthplace in this photo at least. 

See Garrett's Palms for information about medications that might cause suicide. 


Kimmie | July 31, 2009 at 11:05 PM

halen meets the wilderness of big piney is to chic and sassy-classy lady meets her roots. I can just hear you giggling riding on the horse. So fun.