Lessons Learned in Life

Does it give you great relief to know that other people make mistakes too? That you're not the only one? 

For instance, when someone that you think is always on top of her game forgets her purse and laptop at your house and drives away? I do things like that. Like the time I forgot my purse in 3 different restaurants one weekend...

Or when someone else at work drops the ball, and you realize that you're not alone in the crazy world of administrative assistants who sometimes don't always remember the details? Very familiar. Forgetting to set up interviews and forgetting schedules all happened this week. (And everyone, including me, survived).

Here's a few that happened to me last week, and hopefully they make you feel good about yourself.

I might've been avoiding doing the dishes for 5 days (probably to prove a point) and found mold growing in a bowl in my sink. Absolutely disgusting. And then had surprise company show up to your house, which smells like stinky kitchen that no one loves. Good thing  fellow mistake-makers have taught me to hide dirty dishes in the oven, and send a lime down the disposal. Potential embarrassing moment averted. 

I also dropped eggs on the floor today. Two different times. But that is a story that deserves it's own blog. More to come my lady baker aspirations, which fell insanely far from the goal.  

Now is a time for bed, with the thought that tomorrow is a new day. 
New mistakes to be made, disasters averted, clean up to be done, and life to be lived. 
Isn't that the story?


Kimmie | July 31, 2009 at 11:08 PM

you make normal sound so much more fun. I just cleaned my dishes that needed to be done probably 5 days ago too, but it didn't feel as novelesce as you made your story sound. jealous. oh dang forgetting your stuff 3 times one week at restaurants. girl, that's really sad(thinking about having to go back to get them, very sad).