June in Provo

Tonight I enjoyed several things... (not listed, but included is that my husband straightened the house while I was working at the dining room table. It was sweet).

Glass of wine at our favorite Provo restaurant,
Happy Sumo.
We signed up to be VIP members, which really means coupons and lots of half off sushi. I found a deep fried sweet potato option, something I've been longing for since Louisville days. Today, I found it. Fried yam and zucchini topped with avocado and spicy sauce, it was ultimate. And only $3. The wine was a shiraz that was perfectly suited for the roll somehow. Glory.

Vanilla latte at my favorite Provo coffee shop, Juice & Java.
A walk down University to Juice & Java is a special treat for me. Coffee is something I don't drink regularly, so it always seems to make the day special. The baristas are always friendly, their tattoos make me happy, and the chocolate covered coffee beans on the lid are friend "come back soon Halen. we love you" message. Okay little coffee bean, I will. 

Soulful music by favorite husband and favorite neighbor at favorite Provo venue, Velour.
Asher has been faithfully writing new songs to play at open mic night here in Provo. There are incredible musicians here locally and quite a music scene. Josh Rosenthal played with him last week and was quite the hit, of course. Hope, you're next. Our neighbor Brandon played with Asher on his trumpet - it was so good! Soulful, rich, surprising - I was smiling the whole time. 

Unfortunately the caffeine is having an affect on me, which is atypical. This might mean my house will be deep cleaned in the next few hours. Oh dear... Actually it's probably a good thing because there is some funky smell coming from my kitchen that I need to destroy and conquer.


Trace&Becca | June 3, 2009 at 11:09 AM

Glorious! I'm especially happy about the $3 sushi roll. ;)