Sundance 2009

Sundance is one great perk to living nearby Park City. Although nothing compares to the Sundance experience as a college course...watching 10 movies and writing papers that really just show that we watched the film in its entirety, and getting credit. Can't beat that! Now, I go up there to see films I'm interested in, to walk Main Street in hopes of seeing a celebrity, and this year I was able to help out for work. I apologize beforehand for the many links you'll find below. However, I feel that they are worth your annoyance, because maybe you'll think these places are just cool enough that you'll visit me in Utah. And I really like adding links.

Memorable Moments Include...

::Hanging out with new friend Kim from work and helping demo our product in the Green House. Apparantly we missed Paris by hours. Unfortunate. But we did experience a whole lot of MTV reality tv show contestants. Also unfortunately, they all seem to be the people who didn't win.

::Meeting Mark Montano and hanging out with him and his people for the day. He's the host of While You Were Out and lots of other crafty shows. His book, "The Big Ass Book of Crafts" is the best selling crafting book right now. I have a signed copy. More crafty postings to come, as I have a tomato cage chandelier in the making...

::Incredible sushi at Oishi Sushi Bar with several friends, old and new. At last, something to rival Tao's Sweet Potato Sushi.

:: Genevieve's first SLC appearance since the Glorious Wedding of '05. We had much girl time and laughing time and eating time. The most important kind of time.

::Seeing the film, Adam. It is a beautiful movie about a man with Asburger's syndrome, and his awkwardly wonderful first relationship with his oh-so-cute neighbor. It was wonderful. I hope it makes it big. And I hope this picture captures the awkwardness.

::Tea-drinking with Becky, Hope and Genevieve, mourning together that John Krasinski didn't show up for a Q & A at his film. We were ready, make-up done, camera ready and he showed us up. However the bonding time at the Beehive Team Room was way better than he would've been.

Not so Memorable Moments...

::Being harranged by an unmentional owner of an event, who stole our goody bags. All the swag that vendors had give us that day, confiscated with his condescending attitude and a disgusting mullet. I wanted to kick his shins. I still would, if I saw him on the street. Not that he would ever be on the streets. But still. Who does?
::Driving in the crazy fog on the way home, nervous I was going to crash my car. Oh and trying to find parking. I get all nervous and sweaty in parking situations.
::Seeing Tom Hanks, and no one believing me.
::Okay so the confiscation of our goody bags was the only really bad part. Oh yeah, and that John Krasinski didn't show up for a picture with me. I have called off my crush. No more I say! And his movie was only so so. I'm not going to link to it, out of rebellion.
So that's all.


JDB | January 28, 2009 at 6:08 AM

Sounds like fun!

becca | January 28, 2009 at 9:34 AM

Looking forward to your crafting posts :) I saw another blog mention the Green House craft event and wondered if that was what your job sent you to in park city...I was right :)