Himalayan Kitchen

We celebrated a beautiful friend's birthday at the Himalayan Kitchen on Sunday night in downtown Salt Lake City. Not knowing what to expect, we walked into the cozy restaurant, greeted by helpful waiters and spicy aromas of the feast that would await us. The food was superb. The lamb samosas ($3.95) with mint sauce and the house wine that we had as appetizers guaranteed a delicious evening with some of our closest friends. (See Cody and Hope's happy face's below for proof). Asher had his standard, chicken saag ($10.95), and Paul and I split our standard, chicken tikka masala ($10.95). We ordered medium for the spicy factor, and were perfectly surprised that medium spicy was in fact, quite spicy. The naan bread supposedly is best in Salt Lake, and I would agree. (It's rival in Utah County would definitely by the Indian Palace by the way...)

So the food was delicious, but I think the waitstaff truly made our experience memorable. They surprised Hope with a "special cake" and although I don't remember the name of the dessert, it was an experience (something about sweet balls with ice cream???) Our waiters and the host were all friendly comedians, looking for hugs and someone to help them with their iphone. (Yes, one of them tried to put Paul on the phone with his nephew to help him out the the iphone. I will never again doubt that Mac is the connector of all people!) They didn't hug us, but definitely corraled a few of the obvious regulars into bear hugs. I was ready and prepared for a big ole Himalayan hug, but the friendly smile was more than enough to ensure our speedy return. From L to R: Asher and Halen, happy couple of three years; Heally Sandoval, Colombian beauty; Cody McCarthy, Irish cook and party-thrower; Hope, the lovely birthday girl; Tim, happy husband of Hope; Paul Seevinck, student of the world and Spanish.


becca | December 31, 2008 at 8:53 AM

I've been there! James and I went to a cultural fest downtown this Summer and oddly enough didn't find any food that we were desperate to try so we walked down the street and found the Himalayan Kitchen. What a gem! I'm glad you got to experience it. I've not met anyone who has tried it...until now :)