Asher and I were perusing Savers this week in search of random furniture items and general treasures. Actually, when we walked in, I said " I hope I find a treasure, like a Le Creuset." Well guess what I found? That's right, a tried and true, used and ugly, forest green Le Creuset skillet. It apperas to have been used often, and hopefully, with a little love, will be clean and useful. I've been keeping my eye out on this specific French cooking line, since a few friends introduced me to them. (Thanks Liz and Becky!) They are known for the heaviness, even heat distribution and heat retention, and longevity. I'm quite excited to be a proud new owner of not only a house, but a Le Creuset. : )

Along other cooking notes, I have not eaten a real dinner in several weeks. I did buy cheese and tortillas and made us quesadillas in my electric skillet on Monday. I guess that was the first dinner in our new house. Today I'm heading to Sunflower Market to stock up on groceries with my lovely madre. They have double deal Wednesedays where you can get the specials from the week before and the week coming up. Pretty excited.


Rebecca | November 12, 2008 at 9:13 PM

as an owner of Le Creuset cookware myself, i salute you. but, honestly, i didn't realize it was a big deal, go figure. i love that you scored on your shopping hunt today,tho, that's the ultimate joy!

Lauren | November 18, 2008 at 9:15 AM

Yay for Le Creuset :)

Hope you can get back to cooking soon. I've actually been having fun cooking on our lovely gas stove. That kitchen is wonderful for cooking. I also made the most amazing turkey chili last week. Amazing!