A Fabulous Friday

Today's Friday included:

1. Waking up with an incredible husband in our beautiful home. I have missed the sunlight of living on a first floor.
2. Lunch at Hickory Kist with my new bestie Kim from work. Fridays really are best with Dr. Peppers from a fountain. And Kim is pretty fabulous as well. Kim - good luck tonight girl. May your Heroes weekend be a weekend to mark them all.
3. Attending a stellar safety meeting. Favorite moments include "watch for rear end loads", the overly dramatic acting out of running into boxes, and the candy bars I got to hand out for dutiful attendance. To be honest, I kind of felt like Pam. And I think I have two versions of Jim here at my office - not totally (although we all know that Tim and Hope are my real-life Jim and Pam). However, I have not watched last night's episode, so I should probably keep my Jim/Pam musings to myself, in case there was any ill will last night.
4. Date night with Hope for last minute wedding things, and a latte, hopefully.
5. Trace and Becca sleepover at my folk's house.