Catch up

Lots to write about...

I've been working at Provo Craft for two weeks and I love it. Love the paycheck too! (I will get a haircut this month!) I work with creative people and our workspace is swimming with ideas and designs. I've connected to some nice people, and hopefully will meet more. My boss is great and I'm starting to get the hang of how to be someone's assistant. Its a little awkward, knowing when to take charge, and when to let them take the reins. I've compiling a list of Office-esque appropriate humor, so be looking forward to that.

Hope and I went home, wait, did I just write home? Start over. Hope and I went back to Boulder last weekend for a little bachelorette party for her. It was great seeing all of our friends, and staying with Nick and Jacki. We drove through the quaint streets of Louisville to the Huckleberry, and I found myself tearing up. It was home! It was such a realization to process having two homes, and feeling like I belong in multiple places. Boulder is such a unique and fun city, and I am so glad that it is in my repetoire of places that I know, enjoy, and can somewhat get around in.

House update: we are painting like wild people this weekend and the floors will be refinished early next week. There's a chance we can move in next weekend! Hopefully that will be the case! Our countertop will be installed in 3 weeks. Cabinets are halfway installed, thanks to the incredible skills of John Norman and Jon O'Neal.