Cheese and Wine: Park City Food and Wine Classic 2010

I got the change to attend the Park City Food and Wine Classic last weekend thanks to Color Red Media.  It was a perfect summer afternoon, complete with a gondola ride, fresh food and delicious drinks, with the company of four of my favorite people.

Highlights included dishes from The Canyons, Bangkok Thai on Main, and Communal (Utah County represent!) I was pleasantly surprised that Kerrygold had a booth, and I had far too many samples of Dubliner cheese and butter. Is there anything better? The Copper Onion also had a booth, and their tomato gazpacho and ricotta and beet crostini was superb. (PS: I love how beets taste like earth, which is totally different than how olives taste like a basement.)

As an inexperienced wine drinker, I know only few things about what I like. But I learned something very important on this fair weathered afternoon. There is a treasure to be found in a vintage port.  We tried the Dows' Late bottled Vintage Port and Graham's "Six Grapes" vintage port. The person working the booth suggested that one would be for chocolate lovers and one would be for creme brulee lovers. This was true for our group, but unfortunately, I don't remember which one was which. Both can be found for under $20, which is a steal for the taste. We did try a $75 port that was decadent, and made me feel like I fit in with the Park City crowd we were surrounded by.

We ended up at the High West Distillery saloon for the after-after party, and I highly recommend a stop by for those of you entertaining guests from out of town. Their homemade lemonade and whiskey was summertime perfection. From the lighting to the tables to the sweet little glasses that we were served, it was a great end to a great afternoon.