TIFIE Humanitarian Event

I've been working very hard the last few week helping to plan an event at TIFIE Ranch. We had it on Saturday night and it turned out wonderfully! Highlights included
  • Thurl Bailey concert
  • Robert Workman serenading his wife Ange'
  • Robert telling the TIFIE story - it was quite emotional
  • Running around between the kitchen, the silent auction, and the food prep station making sure money was being made, drinks were filled, and food was hot. I was thankful for many hands.

I will post more about what I do for TIFIE Humanitarian and what we do in the Democratic Republic of Congo soon. For now, I'll leave you with video highlights of our evening at www.tifie.org/music/.

However, if anyone is interested in staying in a mountain retreat cabin with access to bike trails, hiking, skiing, paintball, gourmet kitchens, and a mountain stream, all within 45 minutes from Park City, check out www.tifie-ranch.com. All proceeds from the rental of cabins go to our humanitarian initiatives in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Kimmie | October 2, 2009 at 6:49 PM

I am so glad everything turned out well!! I didn't know that Thurel Bailey was a singer...doesn't he play bball? and here's Clay c tr vg