After a long week in Salt Lake City, we're back in our home.

It's amazing, after enjoying the home life and being inside my home, how much I miss it when I'm gone. In Boulder, my life was constantly moving - dinners, coffee dates, shopping, running, meetings, desserts... just lots of things happening inside and outside of my home. And I didn't seem to notice. Now our lives are still busy with people, or it wouldn't be our life, however, I find myself more of a homebody. This last week we were in Salt Lake six of the seven nights and I can say I am looking forward to this week, with not a I-15 stretch in sight. It was totally worth it though....
  • a delicious meal at Carvers Steakhouse with my family for my Dad's birthday (Can you believe they don't have ranch dressing for their baked potatoes? Really, Utah, really?). Delicious house wine, peppercorn steak and apple crisp was the perfect meal.
  • A nice yogurt-filled date with Kimmie and family. I love her, her glow-worm son, and her whole family. I miss her dearly, and would drive to see her anytime she's in town, just to clarify my previous complaining....
  • Iron and Wine and Okkervil River at the Twilight series. A lot of friends mixed in the 17,000 people there...
  • Birthday party for the wonderful Lance Parry in the garden dreams are made of.
  • Date-Day in Salt Lake City with husband and a YuDu filled night at Fresh in 9th and 9th. Delicious dinner at Trio with the incredible Anna, Scott and Alexis. Our flatbread trio, fresh tomato soup and house salad was delicious.
  • And a glorious Sabbath spent sleeping, hiking, snuggling, talking, cleaning, eating and house-calling with my favorite boy.
And now sleep. But before that, a fun picture of a night with my brother, who is now back in California. Miss him already... (I know I look confused in this picture, but wouldn't you be, seeing these two in such an awkward pose?)


Kimmie | August 25, 2009 at 9:37 PM

you are so dedicated. I totally appreciate you chillin with us. Your the best to sacrifice your time and night to hang with me. Love yer face. Oh and hey, I love being on the people you love reel. sweetness!