Eggs Everywhere

These beautiful, multicolored eggs, along with 13 others that were delivered this week, inspired me to cook with eggs. Believe me, had I any chocolate chips in the house, I would've baked. But I didn't have the guts to do the whole double boiler thing. Anyway, I ended up making two different kinds of egg salads tonight. Actually, I started off by making guacamole. But I didn't have any tortilla chips. And for whatever reason, hard boiled eggs seemed like the most logical next thing to make. 

I really want some brownies.

Anyway, I made one egg salad with cucumbers , celery, dijon mustard and a little milk, as I was avoiding mayo (not to mention I didn't have any - resourceful!).  Atop a toasted english muffin, it was fresh and snacky and all that I needed this egg experiment to be. I mixed the second bath with  with avos, cilantro, tomatoes and a healthy dash of salt and pepper. I put this in a pita, due to the chip shortage. Insert bad decision here. Opened a can of coke zero. Egg salad and coke zero do not go together. I couldn't finish my taste test at this point. It was probably tasted okay. I tried to take pictures, but they didn't look very appetizing, so I'll spare you.

So I cleaned up my mess (and cleaned the kitchen for the second time in three hours) am sitting on the couch, and still wishing I had made brownies instead. 


Erik and Kim | April 8, 2009 at 12:34 PM

I really want you to have brownies too....I considered it when I was baking earlier this week, but erik convinenced me to make some thing else...that will be arriving shortly.