A true Silent, Holy Night

This came in my email from Love146. Check them out.

Did you know the girls in our Pink Home began celebrating Christmas at the beginning of October? They celebrate in freedom, peace and security. For the first time, they’re able to reflect on the real meaning of a Silent Night. When we see children who were ravaged by evil, celebrating through dance, song, friendship and laughter….when we see children who were labeled as mentally challenged speed toward academic success….when we see little ones who thought their future was to die in the streets tell you they want to be a lawyer when they grow up….

A new year will soon begin and our celebration will continue throughout. Our mission does not falter in an economic downturn; we just work harder. As we watch children’s lives being restored, we feel like we have only just begun.

Here are just a few of the programs Love146 plans for 2009:

The Round Home – Aftercare In The Philippines We now have seven girls living and thriving in our Pink Home who will transition into the Round Home once construction is complete in April 2009. The new home will have capacity for 16 girls. The girls have made remarkable progress in their studies and are led by a skilled and supportive team of teachers, who are particularly attentive to the circumstances and needs of the children. It inspires us to see how these girls grow and thrive in a loving home with trained caregivers.

SE Asia Coalition – Prevention in Cambodia Our continued partnership with the SE Asia Coalition has proven to be extremely effective. We honor their prevention efforts, which have taken the form of community training and educational programs. These programs inform and empower local participants, who go on to share their newfound knowledge with other members of their respective communities, thereby effecting thousands of people.

The Certificate Training Program in Aftercare (CTPA) -Southeast Asia We will provide survivors of child sex trafficking and exploitation with skilled caregivers via an intensive short training program. The “grassroots” program provides certified qualification through an on-site training course. Students who attended our courses in ‘07 & ‘08 are currently safehome workers in high-trafficking regions. This training has been tremendously effective, both in the lives of caregivers and children. The demand for CTPA’s is already exceeding our ability to run the courses.