Saturday in Provo

Today was an eventful day in our little world. Firstly, I got a haircut. It's been since, um...May. So I visited the Paul Mitchell School of Beauty this morning, and for mere dollars got a decent trim. Not incredible, not bad. Just decent. It works for me. 

We also had quite a treat in visiting the Beehive Bazaar here in Provo this morning. It was a fabulous boutique showcasing local artists. Specialty cupcakes, funky jewelry, handbags and totes, laptop covers, paintings and drawings, and an assortment of other crafty goods. I'm looking forward to being part of this crafty side of Provo. And looking forward to Dana's boutique tomorrow as well...

This afternoon we house shopped with the Rudds. Quite fun. 

Then Corky, Sharon and Paul came over to help at the house. Well Corky did. Sharon knit and Paul did homework, and Corky and Asher conquered the kitchen. We now have a working sink and light fixtures in our kitchen. We are close! (Although I feel like I've been saying that for several weeks now....)