Neighborhood Welcome

So Monday morning we had quite a surprise waiting for us in our driveway. No, whatever you're thinking, no. There was a old beater truck parked in our driveway, thoroughly blocking us in. Abandoned and empty, it wasn't there when we turned off our lights the night before, and it certainly wasn't going anywhere that morning. I looked for crazies sleeping in my backyard, in my garage, on my front porch, but I thankfully didn't find anyone. The truck's bed was full of tools, gas cans, toolboxes and the front seat had a box full of peanuts. Our first thought was that because Y students park on our street all the time, perhaps one of them left their car on the street, realized they didn't have overnigiht parking permit, so they pulled into our driveway with the intentions to move it in the morning. Well by 8:30 it hadn't been claimed, or moved, so with the neighborhood watching and some of the early-risers helping, we pushed it out of our driveway and into the street. When we came home last night around 11, it wasn't parked in front of our house anymore. It's a mystery.

Becca says that they had plant-stealers and fish-depositers in their new house. Maybe its some sort of weird new home initiation. However, we did have the Relief Society stop by on Sunday night with cookies. They were quite warm and wonderful and I'm excited to get to know them and the rest of our fabulous neighborhood. Friends waiting to happen, I tell you...

On another note, my incredible husband turns 26 today. He's such a good man. I love being his wife. I love sharing his life. (I should write a song. Ode to Asher.) Tonight, we celebrate by relaxing and not working on our house, with his favorite treat, queso and peppered sausage. Yup.

And the Jazz won last night. That was kind of a present for Asher I think. Thanks guys. Make those season tickets worth it.

Also, the Tim and Hope countdown has begun. Welcome Longwells to Utah!


Julie | November 18, 2008 at 4:40 PM

we had that same thing happen to us! We called the cops though, and it turned out to be a stolen truck. Crazy!
I am glad the neighbors are being nice! I hope you like your neighborhood!