Weekend with the Ladies

Oh joy of all joys. I had a wonderful weekend with Jill, Jacki and Carol, some incredible friends from Colorado. We had the pleasure of staying at The Trail's End Lodge at Deer Valley. Thanks Becky! Although the movie star status had begun at the airport for the girls, (besides being hit on at 8am, the entire plane sat down and let them walk from the back, disembark, just staring and watching. Crazy!) Anyway, this continued, as we were quickly upgraded to a 3 bedroom condo. The heated floors, the hot tub on our balcony, the bedrooms the size of my house, the jetted tubs and huge showers, the beautiful kitchen,  all added to our weekend retreat. We didn't make it out to Main Street or to the outlet malls because we didn't want to leave our penthouse! In peak season, our condo would have been worth over $3000. Crazy. We ate well - chocolate fondue, cheese and bread, Cafe Rio, and treats from the Gourmandise Bakery. It was a memorable weekend. Lots of laughing, crying and eating - the perfect girls weekend. I sure do miss y'all.

Oh. And we got to go to Hope's wedding dress fitting. You should be very jealous. It was incredible. She's a babe. Her dress is amazing.