Funemployment, here's to you.

Well, first day in Colorado without employment. So far, it is tantalizingly wonderful. Obviously still in the honeymoon stage as I have yet to experience life sans paycheck. But for today, it was glorious. Coming home from the airport last night at 1am, it was wonderful not to have to think about waking up early for work. I started the day off in my robe with Jacki and the kids upstairs, meandered down to Main Street and hit up the library, the bakery, and The Huckleberry with my pretend-child, Zane (who also thinks I am his wife - I love that little almost-three year old). I spent some time in the garden, which always makes me so excited, and somehow hungry. But that deserves its own blog, so more to come.  Currently sitting outside in the backyard, enjoying the view of my garden, Ella waving to me every five minutes from the kitchen, and the bird that is in the tree above me that sounds like it is getting electrocuted. (I think that is his God-given sound unfortunately.) And now onto the job search and a grocery run.