two are better than one?

We are in Utah. It is wonderful. 
I want to move here now. All my stuff is here...why not?
Well a few reasons why not. 
But a few reasons why I'm excited instead...
1. There were so many fun-looking people at the Gallivan Center for the Josh Ritter show. They were just friends waiting to happen. And they were wearing tank tops. 
2. Spoon Me.  I love spooning and I love dessert. Perfect.
3. Sunflower Market just opened here. Gotta love double sale Wednesdays.
4. Hope is here. Enough said. Am I allowed to hyperlink to her blog? Is that an invasion of privacy? I didn't...but I really wanted to.
5. Potential coffee date with Dana and Becky on Sunday also makes my heart become full for friends that I love dearly that I have done a horrible job of keeping in contact with. Here's to round 2!
6. Harmons - Utah original!  The best pastrami-peppered turkey breast ever. Or maybe the only. 
7. Cousin Carson's birthday party tomorrow. There are lots of family gatherings to be apart of! Bring on the family drama!
8. It feels like home. 

But I have another home to go back to on Sunday for a month and a half. So I have two homes now I guess. This feels weird and I might be getting emotional right now.


Becca | July 19, 2008 at 8:52 PM

Oh how I wish we were moving back to Utah with you! Miss you friend!

Raelynn | July 20, 2008 at 9:37 AM

um....i'm happy for you, but sad for me--& boulder.
you are going to be missed beyond measure!!

damn that utah!